Exotic Monsters and Items

Goblin Miner + Wall Crusher

Dancing Sword + Penance

Burn Viper + Cracked Amulet

Golden Statue + Long Rant

Gelatinous Thing + Nom Nom

Bridge Troll + Sensation Stone

Dragon Elite + Compression Seal

Illusion + Ritual Scroll

Immortal Yin + Yang's Sword


No Misfortune 1 (always first)

No Misfortune 2

No Misfortune 3

Pre-Explored (Flush of Insight)

No XP (Overwhelming Sense of Confidence)

Bloodless (Rushing Blood)

First Strike (Slow and Inadequate)

Retaliate: Fireball (Magic Withering)

Poison + Manaburn + Weak + Corrode (Ravaged by Forces)

Cursed x3 (Grim Malus)

Altars and Tilesets

Mystera - Desert Building (Shifting Passages) - 7x7

Jehora - Sand + Water (Northern Desert) - 7x7

Dracul - Halls of Steel - 7x7

Taurog - Blue Cave with Walls (Magma Mines with no magma) - 7x7

Tikki Tooki - Swamp Buildings (Hexx, Slime Pit) - 7x7

Glowing Guardian - Ice Tundra - 7x7

Earthmother - Swamp - 6x6

Pactmaker - Dark Woods (Havendale Bridge) - 8x8

Binlor - Brown Cave with Lakes (Venture Cave) - 11x11